Blind Pig Vapor - Unique, rich, cocktail flavours February 26 2015

Made right here in the Lower Mainland, The Blind Pig’s cocktail inspired e-juices take their names from Prohibition era figures. These unique, rich flavours are bound to please vapers.


The Capone 
creamy vanilla custard with amaretto cream and caramel undertones


The Luciano 
caramelized pears infused with a sweet brandy reduction


The Schultz 
strawberry margarita


The Rocco 
a blended ice, sweet blueberry, champagne bellini


The O’Brien 
vanilla bean ice cream with topped with a kahlua cream reduction and a dash of cinnamon


The Real McCoy 
peanut butter with banana cream custard and hints of vanilla, topped with a butter rum caramel finish


The Remes 
absinthe, cream, tangerine and tropical fruit