Rope Cut: 6 Premium Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquids August 31 2016



Inspired by the classic cut of every sailor's favorite pipe tobacco. Rope cut tobacco is not cut, but rather spun into thick cords that resemble ship ropes. The rope cut is quite compact and stores very well. Once put into the captains pipe, he could flip it any which way, without ever having the tobacco fall out. Storm proof and perfect for when you are lost at sea.

Rope Cut Liquids are a collection of premium tobacco blends. Hand crafted using the highest quality ingredients. Unlike all other tobacco flavours Rope Cut infuses the tobacco flavour you crave with your favorite daily delights, helping you weather through any storm that may come your way. Each flavor is made to compliment and admire the tobacco taste with complexity and depth. Rope Cut's collection of premium tobacco blends is refined and smooth on each inhale and exhale, the perfect e-liquid for an all weather vape.


A rich blend of raisin and plum tobacco with a hint of rum, it will leave your palate with a feeling of refinement and delight. BUY NOW


Let yourself loose with this skillful blend of nuts and tobacco, rounded out with a creamy carmel flavor. BUY NOW


Sail across the ocean and enjoy this extravagant tobacco blend that is infused with cinnamon and coconut. BUY NOW


Sit back and reminisce while appreciating this blend of tobacco and green apple, with notes of buttery graham cracker. BUY NOW


Very smooth and very creamy, this classic custard tobacco flavor blend is the perfect balance and delicious. BUY NOW


A soft tobacco blend that combines hints of mint and vanilla. BUY NOW