Staff Picks - November 2018 November 05 2018

Brendan's Pick

 Vanilla Cream Puff, Grandma's Treats

"Grandma's Treats is a rich french vanilla. There are other flavours in the line, but we only carry this one because I couldn't pass up this vanilla."

Emily's Pick

A$AP Grape, Nasty Juice

"Looking for a good all day vape! ASAP grape is where it’s at, every fruity inhale will leave you wanting more. Notorious Nasty never disappoints."

Jake's Pick

Graham Slam, Golden Slam

"I like this juice because it's a simple combination of Graham crackers, milk and a little hint of marshmallow. It's a solid all day vape and one of my favourites to use with my morning coffee. Did I mention it's not too bad on your coils either?" 

Lucas' Pick

Cushman, Nasty Juice

"Favourite because you will not find another mango that tastes better then the actual fruit. Such a refreshing and unique well rounded flavour with the PERFECT amount of cooling. Even people who dislike menthol like it!"