20700 Batteries


20700 batteries are slightly larger than their 18650 younger siblings. These batteries allow for higher capacity with less voltage drop and are used with compatible mods.

iJoy 20700 30A Battery - 3000 mAh

This 20700 Li-Ni flat top cell is the newest innovation in high capacity, high drain battery technology. It has a capacity of 3000mAh and a maximum continuous discharge current of 30A.


Efest IMR 20700 30A Battery

This newly released (fall 2017) 20700 cell from Efest is designed for cutting edge devices that take 20700 sized cells. The Efest 20700 can reliably produce 30A of power for up to 3000mAh of capacity.


All battery info has been adjusted using Mooch's Battery Tests to ensure accurate information with use in electronic cigarette products.

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