Van Hem ePipes: sophisticated, stylish, artisan mods December 12 2015


Van Hem ePipes is a Canadian company from Vancouver, British Columbia, owned and operated by two cousins of Dutch heritage, Zachary Jansen and Joseph Wierenga. Pipe smoking has been a part of their family for generations and both have fond memories of fathers, uncles, and grandfather smoking pipes as they discussed business, debated politics, and built plans for their families. Their grandfather immigrated to Canada in the 1950s and brought with him the firm belief that working hard with your hands to build something of long lasting quality is a worthy endeavor. That same belief in creating quality products by hand is something that guides Zachary and Joseph in the creation of every Van Hem ePipe. With each ePipe they create something unique; a fusion of Old World luxury and modern vaping technology.

Along with Van Hem's commitment to quality, they are also committed to improving the quality of the world around us. As part of that commitment all Van Hem wood pipe bowls are spun from ethically sourced wood and in some cases reclaimed lumber from right here in Vancouver. As much as possible, they source local materials and labour.


For information on Van Hem ePipes currently available from Thunderbird Vapes please contact us, or visit us at 250 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC.