Vape Tanks

With the exception of All-In-One (AIO) devices and vape pens, devices that Thunderbird Vapes carries are compatible with 510 threaded atomizers. This makes upgrading or replacing tanks stress-free. Whether you prefer mouth-to-lung inhales that more closely mimic the sensation of smoking or the larger clouds of sub ohm vaping there are an ever growing number of tank options.

Most tanks have dedicated replacement coils (these are the heating element and are usually proprietary to the tank system) but for some you can build your own coils. These are either RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) or tanks for which you can get an RBA base which screws in place of the stock coils.

Since tanks and coils need to match up, it is important to make sure you know what coils a tank takes, and whether they are widely available. At Thunderbird Vapes in Vancouver we never bring in a tank unless we know we can stock the replacement coils for an extended time. This means we are very selective of the tanks we bring in. Too often we hear from customers who were sold an interesting (or in-expensive) tank but can’t find the coils anywhere - not even from the store that sold them the tank. Rest assured, that will never happen at Thunderbird Vapes. Do keep in mind that as tanks get older, it gets harder to find the replacement parts for them, coils included.