Batteries & Chargers

Batteries are the often unsung heroes of the vaping experience. Choosing the right battery for your needs can be the difference between and all day vape or needing a charge at the most inconvenient times. Most batteries you will come across in the world of vaping will be titled by brand, a model number and a set of 5 numbers that will describe the size of the battery, for example the 30Q 18650. The 5 numbers following the battery aren’t just there for fun, they are measurements, so an 18650 battery is 18mm in diameter and 65mm long. Commonly the batteries you will use in your device will be of the IMR variety which stands for Lithium manganese which gives the batteries the ability to drain their energy at the rates needed for the power requirements of vape devices. The other option that is commonly found will be devices with internal batteries, sometimes these are just an inaccessible 18650 battery or occasionally they will be powered with a Lipo battery much like modern cell phones and electronics.

There are a few different ratings you will find when it comes to battery purchases, the most common ratings needed for vaping are Amperage (A) and Milliampere Hour (mAh). Amperage will influence how much power the battery is capable of outputting, however in most regulated modern devices the Mod itself will control the flow of power from the battery. Milliampere Hour is what tells you how much life power the battery will have, a higher mAh will generally mean the battery will hold a larger charge and last longer.

Thunderbird Vapes carries a variety of batteries in size (18650, 20700, 21700, 26650, etc), power levels (Amperage) and lifespan (mAh). The world of batteries can sometimes feel overwhelming but we are always happy to talk and explain what the difference between batteries is and will usually have a recommendation for the best battery for your needs.