Closed Pod Vape Kits

Closed pod vape systems use pre-filled pods, or atomizers, that are disposed of when empty. Since most pre-filled pods are not cross compatible between brands, flavours and strength is limited. Thunderbird Vapes currently offers, STLTH, ALLO SYNC devices along with other S-Compatible pod flavours, RELX devices and pre-filled pods, as well as VUSE ePod Kits and flavours. While both VOVA and JUUL pods are no longer available in Canada, we still have a selection of devices and accessories for these brands. 

POD & Disposable Vape Recycling 

As of September 2021, recycling collection bins for used STLTH and ALLO branded pods and disposables are available at Thunderbird Vapes. In 2023 Imperial Tobacco provided use with recycling collection for all Vuse ePod and VUSE Go disposable systems. 

We encourage customers to safely collect, store and return participating items for recycling.  If you wish to see other brands introduce similar programs, please reach out to the manufactures. Thunderbird Vapes will gladly join other recycling initiatives as they come out. For customers concerned about the amount of waste produced, we are happy to show you options that have less environmental impact.