Tools, Wicks and Wires

If you build, you will need them. For the builders out there we have a wide range of gauges of wire in a few different materials which change with industry trends. Our cotton selection is composed of some of the favourite brands our customers and staff know and love. From basic organic cotton sheets to blended fibers, we've got wicks and love to share our thoughts on the current favorites (we don't always agree on which is best but each have our own very strong feelings about the fibers we choose). 

If the desire to wrap coils isn't in your future we always have our house coils that are handmade by our staff (available in pre-wrapped coils or sticks in a variety of materials, gauges and styles). If you're missing a post-screw or a clamp come check out our salvage box and you might just find that piece you need. 

Tools range from complete kits in handy carry cases to ceramic tweezers.