Bazooka Ice June 20 2018

You've met their predecessors which delivered bold, sweet flavours without all the fluff. Now introducing Bazooka Ice! These bold, sweet flavours are now perfect for the summer heat with the added touch of cooling! Unapologetic with their naming, these flavours are definitely going to give you a flavour explosion!

Sin & Sugar June 05 2018

Made in Idaho, USA

This juice is a beautiful blend on a childhood favourite. Starting with perfectly cooked toast, a quick slathering of butter and a hefty dusting of sugar and cinnamon in a perfect smooth blend. 

FruitTea Iced by Indulgence Innovations May 27 2018

Indulgence Innovations is at it again. These ice cold fruity tea juices are perfect for the upcoming summer! We at Thunderbird Vapes are always looking to maximizing our limited Vancouver sunshine, why not make the best of it and pick up some FruiTea Iced today and feel refreshed all day, every day!

Eden E-Liquid Salt Nix May 17 2018


From the mind of Alex Beaucage comes this sweet and delicious juice. A perfect blend of apple, grape and a hint of Aloe Vera makes this a perfectly refreshing all day vape!

Thick Oil Salt Nix May 17 2018


This mouthwatering caramel-vanilla tobacco e-liquid is rich, sweet and smooth. A perfect middle ground between dessert and tobacco!

Salt Nix May 17 2018



A great selection of salt nicotine flavours without all the fluff! These simple and delicious flavours are perfect for small profile devices!

Vape & Phils E-Liquid May 15 2018

Made in Alberta, Canada



Discover the treasured taste of a sweet dried mango, perfect snack for anytime


Melokoton Mangga

Sauce covered sweet peaches and juicy mangos wrapped in a flaky delicate pie crust



A fried flaky crust filled with sweet jackfruit and juicy mango dusted with a pinch of brown sugar

Fizzy Liquids May 10 2018

Created in Malaysia

Fizzy brings some unique fruit blends and soda flavours with a touch of mint and a slight fizz!

Golden Slam E-Juice May 10 2018

Made in Ontario, Canada

This delicate blend of golden graham crackers, sweet honey and creamy milk is a perfect all day vape. 

Zabba E-Liquids May 03 2018

Looking for a flavour that hits you right in the nostalgia? Zabba brings back those memories of sticky taffy with a smooth custard finish to the Vancouver market. Offering both strawberry and vanilla varieties it's sure to please even the most stubborn sweet tooth. Come stop by Thunderbird Vapes today to pick up a bottle for yourself!

#IMPACT E-Liquid May 02 2018

#IMPACT is on the scene to shake things up a bit! Locally envisioned and locally bottled these juices will change the way you view flavours! Drip with purpose with CNTRL LABS!

Churchill Raw E-Juice April 25 2018

Welcome the newest confectionery treat from Churchill, RAW e-liquid! RAW is the first of its kind in its use of Salt NIX™ nicotine technology at an 80 VG | 20 PG ratio for plumes of vapor and impeccably smooth throat hit. RAW delivers on a smooth and chewy dough texture with a flavour profile that features huge chocolate curls and fragrant vanilla.