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FREE Local Delivery & BC Shipping over $90 - FREE Canada Wide Shipping over $100

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About Us

Thunderbird Vapes in Vancouver since 2014

Thunderbird Vapes is an electronic cigarette specialty shop centrally located on West Broadway in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our curated range of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, accessories and even a few herbal vaporizers there is something for every persons needs. We have starter kits for the newcomers, mods and tanks for those looking for a change in performance, rebuildables for those looking for a more personalized experience, coils and accessories to ensure you are always ready to go, and premium e-liquids including local Canadian favourites to International delights, Thunderbird Vapes will help you vape in style. 

Thunderbird Vapes opened in November 2014 with the goal to be an approachable and inviting space for vapers. Our relaxed atmosphere along with our knowledgeable and supportive staff gives us the opportunity to guide new vapers through those first steps of the transition, offer advice and information for those long term vapers or even just to help you find that perfect flavour. Our staff are passionate about vaping and are always keeping up with the newest industry trends and products. Stop by if you want to chat about that new device you saw on Instagram or that new juice your friend told you was amazing, we're always happy to chat about what we love!

Visit us at 250 West Broadway to check out our full range of e-liquid flavours and vape supplies. Brands include some of the best out there from Aspire to SMOK and many more in between. Join our newsletter list for product updates, news and tips! 


“Like most vapers, we were long time smokers. After 20 years of smoking we made the switch to vaping and haven’t looked back!”
Stacey, co-owner

Save Flavours in Canada

Flavours Should Be Your Choice

Flavours Should Be Your Choice

Don't let Canada ban vaping flavours! Canadian Minister of Health, Mark Holland, wants to see all vape flavours removed from the market.

Banning flavoured products compromises your ability to make informed health choices and fails to accommodate the needs of those who use these products as smoking alternatives.

Let Your Voice Be Heard