Box Mods

The term Mod comes from "modified", this term exists from a time when vapers often modified devices to output more power or altered 18650 compatible flashlights to be used for vaping. These days most of the mods you'll encounter are regulated mods, meaning they have internal chips and circuitry to regulate the power output. Most of these devices take rechargeable batteries that come in many different sizes and power levels but some, like the iStick 40WTC or compact devices like the Breeze, have built in batteries.

Unregulated mods, commonly called mechanical mods or mech mods, have little to no protections - these are devices for advanced users only and not recommended for beginners or novice vapers - these often come in either tube or box styles. In lieu of attaching your favourite atomizer and adjusting your settings accordingly, mech mods require much greater planning and have much tighter restrictions for what is considered safe. These offer much less flexibility than the devices commonly seen today, and have become more of a hobby for long term vapers, especially due to the fact that with mech mods you only want to use Rebuildable Atomizers so you can properly reach the safe range of resistance needed. When it comes to mech mods you must take into account the maximum amperage of your batteries and build a coil according to the specifications of the battery to ensure the battery is not at risk for failure or venting. We no longer sell unregulated mods but are always happy to chat about them with our customers that do have them.