Thunderbird Vapes carries a wide selection of personal vaporizers by trusted brands such as Kanger, Aspire, SMOK, Asmodus and Dotmod. Visit us in person at 250 West Broadway to see our full range of starter kits, devices, tanks, mods and accessories. Our online shop offers only a small selection of our full product range.

Vape Kits

Starter Kits generally come with a tank, matching battery or mod, replacement coils and charger. These kits have come a long way in a short time. Today there are numerous options for those new to vaping or looking to upgrade their rig. These range from small cig-a-like and simple to use vape pens to larger 18650 mods with sub ohm tanks. If you are looking to start vaping or for a brand new set up, ready to go kits are a great option. See examples here.

Dry Herb Vaporizers & Wax Pens

Thunderbird Vapes offers well curated selection of hand held dry herb vaporizers and wax pens. These cover a wide price range and vary from very simple, easy to use models to the extremely sleek and sophisticated. See examples here

Tanks & Drippers

With the exception of All-In-One devices, the vape pens, mods and kits that Thunderbird Vapes carries are compatible with 510 and ego threaded atomizers. This makes upgrading or replacing tanks stress-free. Whether you prefer mouth-to-lung inhales that more closely mimic the sensation of smoking or the larger clouds of sub ohm vaping there are an ever growing number of tank options. 

Most tanks have dedicated replacement coils (these are the heating element and are usually proprietary to the tank system) but for some you can build your own coils. These are either RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) or tanks, like the Kanger Subtank, which come with an RBA base which one screws in place of the stock coils. 

RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers), also know as drippers, are for the more experienced vaper. Most of these are only available from our physical store. Thunderbird Vapes also stocks coil jigs, ceramic tweezers, various wires, organic Japanese cotton, and other builder's tools.


The term Mod comes from "modified". These days most of the mods you'll encounter are regulated mods, meaning they have internal chips and circuitry to regulate the power output. Most of these devices take rechargeable batteries but some, like the iStick 40W and iTaste MVP, have built in batteries. 

Unregulated mods have little to no protections - these are devices for advanced users only and not recommended for beginners or novice vapers - and come in either tube or box styles. We no longer sell unregulated mods. 


Even if you'r working with a starter kit there are ways to make your rig stand out from the rest. Drip tips are largely interchangeable and can greatly enhance the look and feel of tanks and attys. Silicon sleeves add a layer of protection and fun colour options. Travel and carry cases keep your device handy, protected and confine any leaks from tanks or eJuice bottles.

Replacement glass for our more popular tanks along with replacement seals help extend the life span of your vape kit. Looking for a part? Ask us, even if we don't stock it, it just might be in our salvage box.  

Tools & Building Supplies

We offer a range of wires including kanthal, Ni200, Titanium, stainless steel and Clapton wires in an array of gauges. Wicking materials include cotton sheets, Cotton Bacon, Native Wicks and various silica wicks. From ceramic tweezers and coil jigs and Alien Makers to full tool kits and ohm readers, we have the tools to help your builds. For the times when you don't want to build your own coils, check out our premade coil selection. Pre-made coils range from simple stainless steel coils to elaborate Aliens and Fused Claptons and change with demand and the industry's evolution. 


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