One Last Drop by Indulgence Innovation April 19 2016

Made in British Columbia, Canada

One Last Drop e-liquid blends are unique in taste with an Asian flair not previously present in the vape market. They use minimal sweeteners yet heir flavours are complex and multi-faceted in nature. One Last Drop, the first e-juice line from Indulgence Innovations, aims to provide you with a superior, Canadian made product that has the best flavour, performance and consistency time after time.

Bloody Goo

Ripe blood orange with a light hint of cheesecake.


Philosopher's Book

Chai tea latte served like your favorite drink


Emerald Storm

Desert's gem cactus infused with mint tea leaves



Young Thai coconut ice cream reminiscent of the infamous Filipino desert "buko pandan"


Purple Water

Grape Jello cup just like the treat



A taste of Japan "Cherry Blossom" - it's really not cherry


Picasso's Palette

Asia's finest mango lychee jelly