Coffee Companions: 10 e-juices to vape with a cup of java February 11 2015

People often ask us which e-juices we recommend but, as personal tastes vary, we are hesitant to answer this question. It is a bit of challenge for us. On one side, we both have our personal favorites and we like sharing our experiences. However, neither of us want to sway people away from what might be their preferred e-liquid flavour. Generally we try determine what types of flavours the person asking leans towards (ie Tobacco, fruit, desserts ... sweet, tart, spicy ...) and make recommendations based on their feed back. With around 100 flavours in stock, and more coming, there are lots of options for every pallet. 

Like many other Vancouverites, we are coffee drinkers. Stacey, in particular is fond of pairing vape liquids with coffee and usually has a "coffee companion" in one of her tanks. When testing out new juice lines, whether there is a flavour that is complemented by coffee is one of the things she looks for. This led us to an idea, to share some of our favourite coffee companions with you. Here are our (current) top picks, in no particular order. 

Brendan's Picks
Stacey's Picks

Do you have a favorite e-juice to vape with your morning coffee?