Velvet Cloud Vapor - If the farmer's market made e-juice, this would be it June 30 2015

Boutique, organic e-liquid, handcrafted in San Francisco.


Velvet Cloud does not use any propylene glycol, diacetyl, food colouring, artificial sweeteners, or anything weird of any sort. If the local farmer's market made e-juice - this would be it! 


Burley Beard Tobacco: Simple tobacco flavour. Based on flue-cured Kentucky and Virginia tobacco leaves as a base - it begins with grassy, fresh tobacco notes and steeps into a much thicker, densely flavoured blend. This naturally flavoured tobacco e-juice will give your analogue tobacco a good run for it's money in taste!

White Beard Tobacco: Medium Tobacco flavoring, butterscotch, custard, and other 'old-time favorites'

Fruit Cup: Fruit Cup is a delicious, thick, and smooth blend of Strawberry, Pear, & Honeydew Melon. You know it from the cup of fruit side often served as a refreshing snack on a hot day. One of our most robust fruit blends!

A rich and unique blend of Strawberry and Guava. Think of it as your new favorite thick, not-too-sweet, summer smoothie vape!

Catherine The Grape: A regal blend of pinot noir grape and black currant. 

Thorangine: An indescribable e-liquid blend of Orange Cream and Tangerine. Very smooth, mellow, and creamy with light tang and zap!

Nutty Cookie:
If chocolate chip cookies met sugar cookies, and then some hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, and pralines joined the party!

Frosted Gingerbread: Velvet Cloud has managed to capture all of the elements of a gingerbread treat into one delicious vapor blend. Gingerbread with the right amount of spice and cake like texture to feel fresh from the oven, with a dollop of frosting on top. Deliciously baked on the inhale, a glaze of sweet frosting on the exhale.

Mt Shasta Frost: Named for the mountain just north of San Francisco, Mt. Shasta Frost is a very unique menthol flavor. Made from not just menthol for a natural cooling, but also an assortment of mint flavors - peppermint, spearmint, and others. This menthol has no tobacco or other base flavor - just a pure minty, mentholated experience. Amazing by itself or mixed in to any flavor!