I Can't Believe It's Not Donuts: Box Set from Premium Labs December 11 2015

Only available for a limited time. 

Five delicious cakey, donut flavours all packaged up in a beautiful box. Whether you'r treating yourself to something special or looking for a gift for your favorite vaper, you can't go wrong with a I Can't Believe It's Not Donuts. The box set comes with five 15ml bottles, one of each flavour in the line. 

Blue Steel: Powdered blueberry jelly donut

King Kong: Maple dipped, frosted sugar, banana donut

Gala Royale: Apple, caramel crunch fritter 

Dohz Nutz: Salted caramel glazed cinnamon sugar donuts with candy roasted peanuts

The Duke: Vanilla Earl-Grey glazed donuts rolled in sweet cinnamon sugar


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