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Know Your Coils Love Your Tank: Coil Families and Cross Compatible Tanks

Know Your Coils Love Your Tank: Coil Families and Cross Compatible Tanks

We love cross compatible tanks and coils! There are a lot of tanks and clearomizers on the market and we try to limit the ones we bring in. Instead of overwhelming customers with options we prefer to focus on which have the best coils and cross compatible units. No one wants to pick up a new vape only to find out the coils are hard to find, and our goal is to make things easier for you.

While we are pretty darn good at recognizing coils on sight, we recommend that you get to know your device and your preferred coils and wattage range. This way, if you can't find the coil you usually use, you know how to ask for a cross compatible option. You may even find a new favourite! 

The list below is focused around coils and tanks that we offer in January 2020 along with which systems they work with. There are many more out there, we have only listed ones we have experience with - even if we never sold them. If you have found a cross compatible coil that we haven't included, let us know! 


Aspire Atlantis, Triton and EVO Tanks
Eleaf MELO 3 Tank
DotMod Petri Tank
The very first mass produced sub-ohm tank to hit the market, back in 2014, was the Aspire's Atlantis tank. The tank revolutionized the vape industry by bringing the full flavour and billowing clouds to vapers using pre-made coils. These coils were so popular that value brands like Eleaf made cheaper tank and coil options and higher end companies made gold plated versions. Below are the most common as many of the cross compatible Atlantis coils are no longer available. 

  • Aspire Atlantis EVO Coils
  • DotMod Petri Coils
  • Aspire Atlantis Coils
  • Aspire Triton Coils
  • Eleaf EC MELO Coils
  • Vaporesso cCell
  • Freemax Starre
  • Vapeston Maganus
  • Sense Herakles 


Aspire Cleito Cleito EXO Tank, and Cleito Pro Tank
Each of the Cleito tanks introduced new coil options to the Cleito Family making it one of the wider coil selections from Aspire. The tank boasted a chimney-less design that produced unrestricted flavour. The simplicity of the original Cleito tank made it one of our favourite no fuss tanks. 

Aspire Cleito 120 Tank:

The Cleito 120 is it's own coil family and is NOT compatible with other cleito coils. It was designed for high wattage ranges over 100w. 

Aspire BVC

Aspire K2 Tank, Aspire Spryte AIO, Aspire ET & ET-S Clearomizer
The Aspire BVC is not to be confused with the Nautilus BVC, while both coil families are bottom vertical coils, the BVC coils are much smaller than the nautilus coils. 


Aspire U-Tech

Aspire Nautilus X Tank, Aspire Pockex AIO:
The Aspire u-tech coils fit both the Nautilus X tanks and Pockex AIO pens but Pockex owners need to pay attention as only the Pockex coils fire in the pen. The Nautilus X tank will work with either variety of u-tech coils as long as you can adjust the wattage accordingly. 



Aspire Nautilus, Nautilus Mini, Nautilus 2, Nautilus 2s, Triton Mini, Nautilus AIO, Mulus Starter Kit
Billet Box
This is one of the oldest coil families and a favourite for mouth-to-lung flavour enthusiasts. It has been used is several higher end devices over the years, most famously in the Billet Box systems. With the exception of the Nautilus X systems, all Nautilus tanks can use any of the Nautilus or Triton Mini coils. The Triton Mini was a sort lived tank system with its own set of coils that were cross-compatible with the Nautilus family. 



Aspire Revvo Tank:
This usual coil has a flat, stove-top element design and is not very common but produced nice flavour. It was featured in Aspire's Skystar kits but did not catch on. While we do have stock in these coils, they are hard to come by. We have priced the kits and tanks that take this coil accordingly. It is not a bad coil, just very different from anything else. 


Breeze and Breeze 2 coils are interchangeable however the Breeze NXT is a different system all together.  


Kanger Subtank, Toptank Mini, Subtank Nano, Subox Mini, 
The Kanger Subtank Mini was once the top selling tank and the OCC the top selling coil. Like the Aspire Atlantis coil other brands made cross-compatible tanks and coils but none of them were as successful as Kanger's. Today these coils are harder to source but we still offer the more popular options. 

  • Kanger SSOCC Coils (updated Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil)
  • Kanger OCC coils (original Organic Cotton Coils)



Horizontech Falcon and Falcon King Tank:



SMOK TFV12 Tanks


TFV12 Prince

SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank

As much as we hoped that these would belong to the TFV12 coil family, they regrettably do no. These are a newer coil family and have become more common but please make sure to distinguish that you are looking for the TFV12 PRINCE coils are there is also a Baby Prince which belongs to the Baby Beast family (does your head hurt yet?)


Several companies cloned the TFV8 coils but as we never stocked any of them, can't attest to how well they worked. Such brands included Eleaf, Horizontech and OBS. These are now an older systems. 

Baby Beast / V8 Mini / 

SMOK Baby Beast, Big Baby, V8 Baby, Baby Prince, and SMOK Stick V8, TFV9 and TFV9 Mini Tanks
Vaporesso NRG, NRG PE Tank, SKRR Tank, Cascade Tank, and Cascade One Plus AIO
GeekVape Sheild, Aero, Aero Mesh, and Cerberus Tanks (used in Aegis kits) 
Eleaf Ello Tank
This is a massive coil family! Though we generally recommend the Vaporesso GT coils, the SMOK Baby Beast is the original coil. With coil options ranging from 15w to 110w there's a coil to suite most tastes. One version or another of these coils have been included in some of the top selling starter kits of 2017, 2018 and 2019. In 2020 we see the trend continue with the Swag 2 kits and Aegis kits. 


SMOK Nord, Nord 2 AIO,  Trinity Alpha AIO, Nord 22 Pen, RPM AIO, Fetch AIO

SMOK has used the Nord coil in a large array of their starter kits since 2018 both as all-in-one units like the Nord as well as pens, small tanks and as an optional alternative for the newer RPM systems. The coil is small and well suited for pocket friendly devices that work with options for salt nicotine or traditional freebase e-liquids. 


Smok RPM40, RPM80, RPM80 Pro Pod Mods  Fetch Mini Kit, Fetch Pro Kit

While the RPM devices aren't strictly cross compatible with other systems, SMOK has included multiple pods in several of these kits, each pod is fitted for a different coil family opening up a larger array of compatibility - for instance the RPM40 and Fetch Mini come with pods for both the RPM and Nord coils. There are RPM coil resistance options for both sub-ohm, mouth-to-lung and for use with salt nicotine. 


SMOK RPM 2, Nord X, Nord 4, IPX 80, 

Smok introduced the RPM 2 late in 2020. As of Feb 2021 there are not many coil options for it. These are sub ohm coils designed for freebase liquids and are not recommended for use with nicotine salts. 



UWELL Nunchaku and Nunchaku 2 Tank:
To the best of our knowledge these aren't compatible with any other systems. They have great flavour and are well suited to single battery mods. These are not for use with salt-nicotine liquids but are ideal for sub-ohm vapers using single battery devices that want full, satisfying draws. 



Vaporesso Cascade Tank

Fireluke / UFORCE

VooPoo UFORCE TankFreemax FirelukeFireluke 2 Tanks, and Freemax Twister AIO

The VooPoo quite cleverly copied the popular Fireluke coil when they released their Drag kits. This allowed the brand, know for its powerful mods to take advantage of an already popular tank. This combined with the release of the Fireluke 2 tank and use of the same coils in their Twister pen has generated a wealth of coil options. These coils like to run in the higher wattage ranges and are best suited for dual 18650 mods. 


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Celebrating 10 Years!

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