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Know when STLTH X pods are empty

STLTH X Pods: Why and When & Where

With the rising popularity of disposable vaping products, STLTH had a decision to make. Either join the disposable market or go in another direction.

Being a Canadian company, it did not sit well with STLTH that disposable vaping products containing a lithium-ion battery were discarded in the trash after every use. With this in mind, they decided to provide an alternative that had a much better environmental impact.  Don't forget, you can recycle used STLTH and STLTH X pods by dropping them in the collection box at Thunderbird Vapes.

STLTH X pods, which Thunderbird Vapes introduced in May 2022, along with the upgraded STLTH Type C device are the bridging the gap between pod systems and disposable single use vapes. 

Why do they look different?

X Pods may appear darker and less transparent than Original Pods. The reason for this is due to the absorbent material that is used to house the specifically crafted e-liquids.

The absorbent material used is similar to what has been used in disposable vaping products. However, STLTH has the added benefit of being assembled, filled, and packaged in STLTH's facility in Ontario, Canada.

While looking down the mouthpiece you may also notice the atomizer system has moved up. This was designed to deliver more flavour on each draw of an X Pod.


Know when to change your pod

Initial customer feedback has been great but there is one question we keep hearing - How do I know when the pod is empty? Unlike the original STLTH pods, which are clear and e-liquid levels are easy to see, the new STLTH X has a dark frosted look. Luckily, STLTH has given us some helpful tips on checking your pod ejuice level. 

The e-liquid depletes the quickest near the edges of the absorbent material, this is where you can see white absorbent material. When the pod is full, the absorbent material is saturated, giving a darker appearance to the pods. When you see the white absorbent material, your pod is finished.

In the first few weeks of STLTH X pods launching we've already seen their selection grown from the original 5 flavours to 10 with news of more coming throughout summer 2022! 


Where do you get these amazing pods, do you even have to ask? From your favourite STLTH retailer - Thunderbird Vapes! Online shoppers enjoy Canada wide shipping, same day Local delivery and In Store Pick Up on and we are always happy to assist in person shopping, 7 days a week, at our store front at 250 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC Canada. 

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Established in 2014

Celebrating 10 Years!

Celebrating 10 Years!

Thunderbird Vapes opened in November 2014 becoming Vancouver's 5th vape shop! From box mods and drippers to disposables and pod systems, over the last decade there have been major changes in the vape industry. We are proud to continue advocating for your right to flavoured smoke free tobacco options!