January 2022 Coupon Codes - Disposables, VUSE and RELX January 02 2022


4th 1/2 Price on GHOST and ENVI Disposables 
Jan 1 - 31, 2022
Coupon Code: JAN22

To kick off the new year Thunderbird Vapes is offer 4th 1/2 price on all GHOST XL, including their new BOLD 50 series,  and ENVI NANO disposable vapes throughout January. This is a great way to test out some new flavours. We have offered both of these brands for a long time but ENVI NANO systems just launched in the fall. These disposable puff bars are completely re-designed from earlier models. The NANO is much smaller than other leading disposables without sacrificing puff. You will also see that our selection of GHOST disposable flavours has expanded greatly and now includes many of there popular flavors in BOLD 50. The BOLD 50 are 20mg vapes that hit like a 50! 

Jan 1 - 31, 2022
Coupon Code: RELXPRO

Get a free RELX Essential in White or Black when you purchase any 3 packs of RELX Pro Pods. Please note that the promo is only valid for White or Black devices, if any other colour is selected, it will be swapped for an eligible colour. Check out our selection of RELX Pro Pods here.  


VUSE: 2 for $21.99
EXPIRED April 5/22
Coupon Code: VUSE2199

Save $5.99 when you purchase 2 packs of VUSE epods