New Juice - September 2016 in Review October 01 2016

September was a busy month for us at Thunderbird Vapes and as a result the website has been neglected. New e-juices and hardware were coming in on a regular basis but often didn't make it online for a week or longer.  Here's a little recap of the new flavours and e-liquid lines that arrived in September. 

Mr Pink by Mr Black Vapor
For the Reservoir fans out there, keeps your eyes open for this new local e-juice line. Mr Pink was launched in early September but will be joined by more flavours. Mr Green should be arriving withing the next few weeks. For flavour profiles and a glimpse of the schedule of thier arrival, check out our Mr Black post.  

Apollo, Dr Fog's Yummy Yogurt
Usually when we test out new flavours we look at the entire line but occasionally we find a single flavour that is so tasty we just need it. Apollo is such a flavour. A few customers had mentioned this granola and greek yogurt flavour to us and after tracking down samples we understood why. Apollo has a fantastic balance between sweet granola and a rich, creamy and slightly sour yogurt. 

Loaded e-liquid by Ruthless
Loaded's Glazed Donut is 120ml of baked goodness. This donut vape makes a nice all-day-vape as it isn't too heavy and doesn't overwhelm the pallet yet provides a satisfying baked good taste. Visit our post here for details.

Convicted Vapes
This line of two flavours has attracted international attention bringing home awards from vape show in the UK. The line was created for a New Jersey vape shop by local e-liquid maker, Premium Labs, so this line can be considered a local US line with an international presence. See here for the flavour profiles. 

Juice Box by One Mad Hit
This apple juice flavour is the result of a collaboration between two California juice makers, One Hit Wonder and Mad Hatter. The packaging takes ques from the whimsy of Mad Hatter's I Love juices but with a bottle size in keeping with One Hit Wonder's 180ml liquids. The flavour is spot on for an apple juice box. It vapes on the lighter side, but for such a large bottle that's a good thing. Juice Box is not too sweet and lets the apple taste shine! 

Cheesecake by Aqua Liquid
If you have been searching for a chees cake vape, make sure to check these out. We first tried these in June, and while they are on point cheese cake, the timing wasn't right for us. Now that the weather is turning, we felt the need for the comfort of rich creamy flavours and some more options in 60ml bottles. We are happy to say these two flavours are now available at Thunderbird Vapes.  

Dr Fog M Series
This Dr Fog family keeps growing. M Series is the newest line from Premium Labs and his very first menthol line. All four flavours are mentholated enough to satisfy menthol lovers, but allow the fruit base flavours to shine. If you have been reluctant to try menthol flavours, give these guys a try, you just might like them.