Smooth-E Juice by TheraVape April 21 2017

70% VG
Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Enjoy these three brand new, amazing smoothie flavours with a subtle hint of cooling. Brazberry is a blue raspberry flavour. OJango gives mainly orange and mango, with hints of pineapple and guava. TKOgurt is so named for the black and blue berry yogurt. If you're looking for a refreshing, fruity e-liquid line to vape this year, look no further.


Blue Raspberry lovers are in for a treat with this cool and refreshing smoothie juice. Perfected for your enjoyment, even the hottest day won't slow you down.


It only takes two to tango, but four is more fun with OJango. Chill out with this tropical blend of orange and mango with undertones of guava and pineapple.


Black and blue berries have a showdown in silky smooth yogurt to deliver a flavour knockout! The subtle cooling effect should help with the bruising...