BIV: Retail repercussions from vaping regulations December 02 2019

Thunderbird Vapes co-owner, Stacey White, talks to Business in Vancouver about how the coming restrictions to Vape products in BC could impact both her business and customers options.

Critics say B.C.’s youth vaping crackdown will push smokers back to cigarettes November 16 2019

Stacy White, who owns the Thunderbird Vape shop on Broadway in Vancouver, says she’s also worried the tax hike will turn vapers back into smokers.

OMNY: Massive vaping regulations incoming in British Columbia real soon November 15 2019

Hear Thunderbird Vapes co-owner, Stacey White, on BC's new vape regulations. 

Global News: ‘Vape bans or buffer zones’: The call to regulate vaping September 22 2019

By Emily Lazatin
Global News
September 18, 2019

CKNW: Consequences of banning flavours April 22 2019

(Thunderbird Vapes) said a ban on flavoured products will also mean many adults will find it harder to quit smoking cigarettes.

Global TV talks to Thunderbird Vapes about Quality Control and Regulations September 20 2017

Original Air Date: September 19, 2017
Global News Hour at 6

RegWatch: Veracity Behind the Vape November 15 2015

VIDEO: Veracity Behind the Vape, by Brent Stafford, Regulator Watch

BIV: Local e-cigarette shops wreathed in haze of regulatory uncertainty November 09 2015

By Nelson Bennett
Business in Vancouver, October 20, 2015