Sea to Sky - Stock up before you travel June 22 2022

While Whistler BC is one of the most picturesque spots in BC, it can be a hard and expensive place to live, especially if you vape. In their bid to make the resort town a smoke free environment, Whistler Village has not allowed vape shops to open within the resort town. This has limited availability and forced up prices. 

For years, we've heard from customers who work in Whistler, that e-liquids and coils where more expensive in and around Whistler, BC. More recently, we are hearing that pods and disposable vapes are as much as 50% more. This is leading us to remind customers with travel plans, to stock up before you go! 

It's not just Whistler, many rural communities and towns in Northern BC see considerably higher prices and less vape selection. While this is somewhat expected in smaller communities with less demand and fewer courier drop offs, we like to remind customers that Thunderbird Vapes ships Canada wide with very reasonable rates and offers Free Shipping for larger orders. For details on shipping and delivery services, visit our Shipping & Local Delivery page