Fast Vancouver Vape Delivery with TUTTI App March 09 2022

Thunderbird Vapes is always searching for new ways to serve our customers and understand, now more than ever, the way you shop is changing. We're excited to announce our partnership with TUTTI for fast local delivery. We've had lots of request for vape delivery in Vancouver, and TUTTI app is delivering!

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ASAP Vape Delivery in Vancouver

If you haven't heard of TUTTI yet, you're likely to come across them soon as they are the most recent delivery service to enter the Vancouver market. What makes TUTTI special is that they are a local BC business, and we at Thunderbird Vapes love supporting local entrepreneurs. Another thing that sets them apart from other delivery services is they offer age verification which allows them to work with liquor stores and vape shops, like us! Yes, now you can place orders for vape supplies and have it delivered to your door just as you would a pizza. That's some fast Vancouver vape delivery!

Vape Deliver with the TUTTI App

Now, we don't have our full inventory listed on TUTTI, but you will find most e-liquid lines, disposable vapes and pre-filled pods, along with most replacement coils and even a few kits. If you need to add something to your TUTTI order, that isn't listed on our TUTTI menu, simply give us a call and we'll update your order accordingly. 

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