All In One & Pod Systems

AIO is an acronym for All-In-One devices, much as their name implies these vapes are complete systems. Instead of a tank that threads onto a mod, or battery, the two are built together. Typically, these are smaller devices with little to no settings, some don’t even have a fire button. AIO vape systems tend to be both pocket and user friendly due to their smaller size and reduced features. This makes AIO vapes very easy to use and good options for people with difficulties with manual dexterity and the technologically challenged. The Joyetech Ego AIO was one of the earlier of these systems, great advances have been made with pens like the PockeX and the Juul

Pod systems are AIO vapes that have a removable e-liquid chamber. Most pod systems coming out in 2018 are designed to be used with Nicotine Salts and other 50VG/50PG liquids. Unlike tanks that are interchangeable, pods are proprietary to their vape (ie JustFog Minifit replacement pods only fit in the Minifit system and the SMOK pods only work in SMOK AIO). In most Pod Systems, the user replaces the pod instead of replacing the coil.

Pod systems like Aspire’s Breeze 2 and Nautilus AIO differ slightly in that they have replacement pods and replacement coils. Please don’t think that you’ll have twice the hassle with these devices though. In both of these devices, the replacement pods aren't necessary unless the user wants to alternate flavours or damages one. This also gives users the ability to use different resistance AIO coils in their vapes depending on desired draw or the type of liquid they are using.

Open Pod Systems VS Closed Pod Systems

Open Pod Systems take refillable pods where as Closed Pod Systems only work with pre-filled pods. This means that if you purchase a vape that is a Closed Pod System, you will be limited to the flavours manufactured by it’s brand, which could be as few as 5 or 6. The Juul by PAX is North America's top selling Closed Pod System, Thunderbird Vapes is happy to be an Authorized Juul Retailer.  You will also want to make sure that it is from a well established brand with readily available replacement pods in your neighbourhood. Rest assured we will never sell a system for which we don’t offer the replacement coils or pods. Unfortunately, we have seen customers return from vacation with cute little vapes picked up abroad that they can’t find parts for here. 

Open Pod Systems, such as the Nautilus AIO and Minifit, are refillable, allowing you to select your own flavours and strengths of eliquid. In Canada these systems are more common. While you still need to take care that you can find the appropriate coils or pods for your device, you are not limited to the manufactures flavours. This opens a world of flavour options! Open Pod Systems are also more economical than most closed pod systems.