Thunderbird Vapes in Vancouver is committed to providing a premium vaping experience. As we navigate the growing jungle of vape brands, there is one that we always pay extra attention to. Aspire may not have the widest collection of vape kits but what they do, they do well. The widely recognized vapour brand established themselves as a pioneer in tanks and atomizers with the success of the Nautilus family of tanks and coils. This was followed by the Atlantis Tank – the first non-rebuildable sub-ohm tank on the market.

Aspire Cleito and Nautilus X (U-tech coils) family of tanks and devices became leaders in quality and performance with Aspire's use of coil designs that replaced the need for a chimney creating optimal air-flow and unhindered flavour. The Nautilus X tank never rose the the heights of its predecessors but this is the same coil design found in the PockeX, Aspire's All-In-One vape pen which helped launch AIO systems into popularity, prior to the introduction of Pod Systems. 

Aspire's experience in and dedication to mouth-to-lung tanks has made them a leader in salt nicotine compatible pod systems. Compact and sleek, the Breeze and Breeze 2 by Aspire employ ergonomic design for a comfortable and pocket friendly daily vape. They each feature a higher capacity built-in battery than other pod systems while maintaining TPD compliance. The smaller compact Flexus Q Kits and Favostix Pod Kit continue on this legacy! 

Aspire may have brought sub-ohm vaping to the masses but they never neglected the mouth-to-lung vapers, an audience that was gravely overlook by the majority of the vape industry until the introduction of salt nicotine. While others scrambled to adjust to the ever changing market, Aspire was already there, leading the way.