Looking for the best coil or pod for flavour for your device?
Hoping to find that coil that produces the most vapour out of your vape kit?
Just looking for a coil that will help your battery and e-liquid last longer?

Well you're in luck, we have a wide selection of options for coils and replacement pods for all the tanks and kits and kits we sell and a little insider knowledge with which coils are cross-compatible between brands! The eliquid you use will play a roll in proper coil and pod selection, if you need help paring the correct resistance of pods or coils for salt nicotine eliquids please let us know. 

Coil and replacement pods are a much needed and under appreciated part of the vaping experience. Despite their small size, these little guys do most of the work in the production of vapour, without them there would be nothing for the battery to power and no way for your e-liquid to turn into delicious vapour! The style and resistance of the coil influence the flavour, vapour production and battery drain so choosing the right coil can be tough when first starting out. Most starter kits or tanks will come with two coils (often one for Freebase eLiquids and another for Salt Nic eJuice) from a wider offering that help showcase the different styles the tank offers but there are often many more to choose from when you come to the shop. 

Our selection of coils ranges to accommodate vapers of all styles, from flavour chasers to cloud chasers and anyone in between. If we carry the product, we will likely have more than one set of coils to choose from. If you're unsure what the best coil is for your needs just stop by the shop and ask any of our friendly staff for a recommendation!