Vova and Cisoo Pods & Vape Kits

 - - - - - PODS DISCONTINUED  - - - - - 

CISOO is now VOVA. The rebrand began in December 2021 and throughout the early months of 2022 Cisoo products will be fazed out for VOVA. Both brands are 100% cross compatible, with the only difference being the packaging and branding. 

The unique shape of VOVA (formerly CISOO) is reminiscent of early vape pens but makes use of pre-filled atomizers (tanks) as in place of the conventional squared pods. The overall look and feel of the CISOO makes it an attractive option for those just transitioning to a vape as well as those who started with early EGO model vape pens. 

MARCH 2023: Regrettably VOVA Pods have been discontinued as we can no longer source duty paid replacement pods.