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FREE Local Delivery & BC Shipping over $90 - FREE Canada Wide Shipping over $100
FREE Local Delivery & BC Shipping over $90 - FREE Canada Wide Shipping over $100

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Welcome to Thunderbird Vapes

Thunderbird Vapes provides a comfortable, relaxed setting and supportive staff for your vaping needs. As Former smokers, we understand the joys and challenges of attaining a smoke-free lifestyle. Whether you want an introduction to starter kits or have been vaping for years, we are here to guide you through the process and broad range of products.

Of Vancouver vape shops, we are known for our carefully curated e-liquid selection and our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  With over 200 e-liquid flavours by premium Canadian, American and International eJuice makers it can be overwhelming navigating the flavour options. Our staff work with each customer to find the flavours that are right for your individual taste. This focus on customer services and product knowledge makes Thunderbird Vapes stand out among the growing number of Vancouver vape shops.

Save Flavours in Canada

Flavours Should Be Your Choice

Flavours Should Be Your Choice

Don't let Canada ban vaping flavours! Canadian Minister of Health, Mark Holland, wants to see all vape flavours removed from the market.

Banning flavoured products compromises your ability to make informed health choices and fails to accommodate the needs of those who use these products as smoking alternatives.

Let Your Voice Be Heard