SLIM 510 Battery


SLIM 510 Battery

The SLIM 510 Battery pairs best with any ConNectar or 510-threaded cart! Featuring a 400 mAh battery with three different power settings [Low (2.8v), Medium (3.4v), and High (4.0v)], the SLIM 510 Battery allows you to pick the setting that's right for you! With a double-tap preheat function and micro-USB charging, this is the perfect on-the-go battery for any occasion.

Vaporizer Type

Product Features:
- Pairs with any ConNectar or 510-threaded cart
- 400 mAh battery
- Three different power settings: Low (2.8v), Medium (3.4v), and High (4.0v)
- Double-tap preheat function
- Micro-USB charging

What's Included:
1 x SLIM Battery