Vuse 2+ Device

$14.99 $17.99

The new Vuse Epod 2 +  is a all around upgrade from the Epod 2. 

The Epods 2 + let you pair the device to your phone with the new myVuse app, to get more control over your vaping experience.

New Features: 

 -  Device lock secures your ePod 2+ so no one but you has access.

 -  Adjust your vapour cloud size with cloud control directly in the myVuse app.

 -  Recharge reminder* on the myVuse app so you'll never be without power.

 -  See where your ePod 2+ was last synced with Find My Vape on the myVuse app.

 -  Multiple use power button allows you to Wake it up, pair it, lock it, unlock it or rest it. 

 -  Upgraded multicoloured LED indicator light reflects how much power is available in your battery.

Compatible with VUSE ePods.