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Moshi eJuice - Premium tobaccos, unique mints and vaporus Max VG blends

Moshi eJuice - Premium tobaccos, unique mints and vaporus Max VG blends

Moshi was established in 2013 in Toronto for very simple reasons, they wanted to ensure that the products we were vaping were of the absolute highest quality possible. All Moshi E-Liquids are 100% Canadian Made ingredient individually sourced in Canada and the US and is pharmaceutical grade. As a member of ECTA, Moshi E-liquids are sent for 3rd party lab testing every six months to ensure their quality and consistency, and the safety of the ingredients used. 

Moshi E-liquids are allowed time to steep in order to maximize flavour depth and consistency. From there, they are packaged in custom tinted glass bottles to ensure that their flavour is not altered in any way as they are stored for use by our customers.

We at Thunderbird Vapes have curated a selection of Moshi's e-juices specifically for Vancouver vapers based on feedback from our customers. 


Tobacco Flavours (50/50)

Forest Hill

Forest hill is a seamless blend of straight forward tobacco and swirls of caramel. Features a welcoming throat hit with an exhale that will have you still licking your lips. This vape is an enjoyable mix of the traditional and the surprising.

Old Mill
A premium tobacco flavour. No frills and no distractions. This is a liquid for the purist – a dry, complete, no-nonsense tobacco vape.

Pearson's dominant trait is the strong menthol, which will leave your mouth cool even on the smallest hit. This pure tobacco blend comes with a twist of memorable coolness and a minor throat hit.

Mint Blends (50/50)

Chudleigh's - DISCONTINUED 

Chudleigh's is a unique, fantastically crisp liquid. A tart apple flavour that tastes straight out of the orchard. Clean and refreshing, this smooth vape cools on the exhale and leaves a minty kick on the lips.

The Beaches
A surprising cooling sensation that hits the senses with a huge splash of juicy strawberry, blueberry, and pear. The beaches is completely smooth on both the inhale and exhale. One of our most refreshing liquids.


Max VG

St Clair
Sugary and upbeat, st. Clair is an instant burst of sweetness that fills the mouth. A classic cola flavour without the fizz – a hint of cherry rounds out this treat.

High Park
A smoothie of a vape – high park is a combination of strawberry and banana. Each new hit somehow brings a stronger berry intensity, but the distinct banana undertones take over on the exhale and linger on the palate.


An orchard of flavour, Leslieville has the crispness of a fresh apple, the tangy smack of wild berries, and the juiciness of a ripe peach. The palate will pick up more flavours on each vape  -  perfect as an all-day selection.


Moshi launched a brand new line of Max VG flavours in the winter of 2016. Check out Moshi Origins for these unique fruit blends. 

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Established in 2014

Celebrating 10 Years!

Celebrating 10 Years!

Thunderbird Vapes opened in November 2014 becoming Vancouver's 5th vape shop! From box mods and drippers to disposables and pod systems, over the last decade there have been major changes in the vape industry. We are proud to continue advocating for your right to flavoured smoke free tobacco options!