Changes to Vapour Product access announced by BC Ministry of Health July 20 2020

Today the BC Ministry of Health announced changes to your access to vapour products in BC. The press release details the changes but for most of our customers, the most dramatic will be lowering the maximum nicotine content to 20mg and the banning of non-nicotine liquids.

Please rest assured that nicotine salts and pods over 20mg will not disappear overnight. We have been given until September 15, 2020 to sell remaining stock. If you have any questions or concerns about lowering your nicotine levels, please reach out to us. We are here to help you with the transition.

While not included in the morning's media release, we were later emailed details by the ministry of health that limit bottle sizes to 30ml. Unfortunately this material was sent to us mid afternoon, after we had already spoken with CBC about the changes. This will potentially impact those of you using the traditional freebase liquids (most commonly sold in 60ml bottles). We will be working with our distributors and local e-liquid makers to minimize the impact and try to ensure that all the flavours you have come to depend on are still available.

BC Ministry of Health Media Release