CALL TO ACTION -BC Government to ban 80% of current e-liquids January 02 2020

The BC Ministry of Health has proposed major changes to the regulation of vape devices and liquids. These are in addition to the additional 13% provincial tax that went into effect January 1, 2020. If fully implemented these changes will dramatically reduce the options currently available - for instance, all of the e-liquids we currently have in stock would be in bottles too large for the new regulations.

We will continues to advocate on behalf of our customers but it is vital that the ministry hear from you, the end users. If you aren't sure what to say, try including how long you have vaped & how heavy a smoker you were along with examples of the types of device and liquids you use (freebase or nicotine salt) the milligrams you currently use and what you have used in the past, along with the types of flavours. Share your success stories – what has worked for you. Consider if you were only able to buy 10ml bottles, how would this affect the type of liquid you purchase and way you vape?

Proposed regulation Changes

  • Ban of 0mg (nicotine free) e-liquids
  • Limit nicotine strength to 20mg or lower
  • Limit bottle size to 10ml max
  • Limit tank and pod sizes to 2ml max
  • Ban on confectionery, dessert, soft drink and energy drink flavours
  • Considering expanding ban to all food and beverage flavours
  • Plain packaging


The Ministry is seeking comments on proposed changes until January 24, 2020 at 4:30pm

By Email to

By Mail to Health Protection Branch Ministry of Health
PO BOX 9646 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9P1

You may also consider contacting you local MLA. Below are some of the local MLAs, for the full list please visit

Vancouver Fairview
Vancouver False Creek
Vancouver Kingsway
Vancouver Mount Pleasant
Vancouver West End

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Bill 14 - Let Your Voice Be Heard! October 30 2015





The Ministry of Health has just released their letter outlining the consultation period for Bill-14: Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Regulation. 


As we know, vape shops are places of employment and with the current wording of Bill 14 we will no longer be able to vape in shops. As every one of you remembers the day you bought your first device, you were shown how to use it correctly and safely, including how to fire it and draw from it. For many, that 10 minutes the shop employees spent with you on your new device was the most important 10 minutes of your vaping life, and if shops can no longer train customers effectively before they walk out the doors, the chances are much higher that it will not work for them.

As business owners we are all doing our part, but the consumers (you) are the real voices, there are thousands of you.


Send an email to:

CC YOUR LOCAL MLA (Find yours using this link and your postal code):

Please use this format:

Date of Written Submission:

  1. Use of Vapour products in public and workplaces

Please explain, in your words:

  • How vaping has helped you quit and stay away from tobacco
  • How having a dedicated shop educates you on the usage of your device was essential to your success 
  • How the new regulations will impact future users and your ability to sample flavours before purchase
  • And anything else you feel will help get the message across!



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