STLTH Recycling - Return used PODS at Thunderbird Vapes March 03 2021

Something exciting arrived at Thunderbird Vapes this week - a STLTH Recycling Box!


Closed pod vapes are supper convenient and we know that many of our customers enjoy the no-mess easy of pre-filled pods, but the environmental impact of all those pods is worrisome. Luckily, STLTH Vape has been listening to their customers and have launched a recycling program with registered vendors (like us). 

Now you can easily recycle your used STLTH pods

  1. Store your old pods (we recommend a re-usable container)
  2. Bring them with you when you buy pods at Thunderbird Vapes
  3. Drop the used pods in the STLTH collection box

The STLTH collection box can be used for all official STLTH regular and Premium branded pods. Please don't put pods by any other maker (offbrand, Juul, Relx, Vuse ...). While the collection box isn't for batteries, we can safely dispose of your old vape batteries.