Feeling Festive? Curl up by the fire with some of these all year flavours! December 15 2019

The holiday season inspires strong feelings in all of us. Cozy moments by the fire. Bright kitchens, home-cooked eating, the glow of the lights, and friendly, familiar faces. It's the season of love and that applies doubly to your juice. Love your juice these holidays with our list of special, always seasonal flavours.
Dr. Fog Rigel
Chunks of churro folded into a delicious praline ice cream.

Decoded Davinci Code
A classic dessert, rich crème brûlèe smothered in buttery pecans.

Velvet Cloud Nutty
The rich flavor of a freshly baked sugar cookie and layer in a toasty blend of pralines, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts, topped with a hint of white chocolate.

Blind Pig O'Brien
A dessert cocktail of vanilla ice cream and kahlùa, smothered in chocolate cream.

Vapor Junkie Seventeen
A fluffy sponge cake,drizzled in a sticky rum reduction and smothered in whipped buttercream frosting.

SMAX Sammie Puffs
A delicious dessert that combines the flavors of golden graham crackers, chocolate kisses and fluffy marshmallow.

Dr. Fog Pi Red
The old-time favourite taste of fresh, homemade strawberry rhubarb pie.

World's Best Custard Paris Fog
Freshly baked sugar cookies stirred into a smooth custard.

Dr Fog M Series Delta
Your favourite stick of spearmint gum, with a refreshing menthol coolness.

Golden Slam
Smooth and crunchy graham crackers dipped in a cold creamy glass of milk!

The One
A frosted donut cereal dipped in a sumptuous strawberry milk.