Lower Prices on these 3 Disposable Vape Brands October 18 2023

The following price changes are effective as of October 2, 2023. 

We at Thunderbird Vapes strive to keep our prices competitive and in line with industry standards. Vice Mini and Geek Bar Meloso have a new recommended retail price of $10.99 each which you will now see reflected on the product listings online and from our physical shop menus. We have also lowered the sale price of the SUPER VPR 800 disposable box vapes to $9.99, making them our lowest prices disposable vape system (outside of clearance items). 


The VICE MINI bars were the first  pre-filled disposable vape pen to offer 1000 puff devices at prices in line with leading 500 puff disposables. Now that the market has a wider selection of high puff count disposable at lower prices, this $3 price drop put VICE MINI back in game as a great value disposable vape! 

Flavours like OMG (orange mango guava), Lush Ice (watermelon), and Mint might be obvious top sellers but also look for unique flavour profiles like Lemon Dream (creamy lemon) from something more decadent. VICE Mini is also one of the few companies to offer a Tobacco flavour in a 2ml disposable vape! 



Made by the same company behind many of the top selling vape kits over the last 5 years, Geekvape, the Geek Bar Melosos may be smaller than at 600 puffs but they are not to be overlooked. Check out drink flavors like Classic Ice, Geek Juice and Pink Lemon Ice. 

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This is one of the newer vape lines to feature a disposable box vape. Filled with up to 800 puff, the SUPER VPR are bold, bright and sweet. With 15 supercharged flavours ranging from classics like Blue Razz and Banana Ice to dynamic combinations such as Pear Kiwi and Watermelon Grapefruit, SUPER VPR is a solid budget friendly disposable vape brand!