Did you know these 3 vape brands come in disposables, pre-filled pods, and 30ml bottles? September 26 2023

When Thunderbird Vapes first opened in 2014 there weren't many products available for vapers but as the market has grown so have consumer options. We are now able to offer our customers a wide range of vaping systems. Refillable tanks and open pod kits give users the widest range of options whereas disposable vapes are simple and require the least initial investment and closed pod kits make use of pre-filled pods.

You have options - isn't that awesome? Many customers maximize on this by using multiple systems. Others migrate from disposables and pre-filled pods to refillable vape kits once ready to lower nicotine levels. Luckily some of the leading brands have taken notice and made their flavours available across all vape kit types. 

ALLO, Gcore and Flavour Beast offer flavours in Disposable Vapes, Pre-filled S-compatible Pods and 30ml salt nicotine e-liquid bottles. This helps take the guess work out of picking flavours when changing from disposables or pod kits to refillable systems. 

Not sure if you want to commit to a 30ml bottle? You can take advantage of our disposable bundle deals to try out new flavours, them pick up your favorites in 30ml bottles!


Allo Disposable Vapes    

Allo Ultra 500 Disposables offer the widest selection of flavours and a very strong brand recognition in Canada. Allo Ultra 500 is best know for their fruit flavours with several iced options as well as a growing range of Mint, Menthols and Tobacco blends. 

ALLO SYNC pods are S-compatible and feature many of the most popular disposables along with some unique blends. 

ALLO E-Liquids hit the shelves in the summer of 2023 with 10 of ALLO's top selling flavours from across their product lines. While currently only available in 20mg we anticipate this product line from one of Canada's largest vape brands to grow!


Gcore offers numerous disposables in various puff counts and shapes for the BC market. They were the first brand to offer a 1000 puff 2ml disposable pen and have delivered consistent flavour reliable devices. Their 2023 product launches include the G1000 pen and Gcore X 1000 mini box which replace the earlier Model X disposable vape pens. Smaller 800 puff units are also available in the G800 and G-Blast lines. Check all Gcore Disposables HERE


G-Blast Pod flavours are available in pre-filled S-Compatible pods. While there is some overlap with the G-Blast disposables look for some original blends. Their drink inspired flavours are particularly popular!

Gcore Salts draw flavours from the disposables wide offerings. Unlike other leading brands that have only recently added eliquids, Gcore Salts are well established and available in 10mg and 20mg. 

Flavour Beast


Flavour Beast Fury: Flavour Beast is a relatively new brand only hitting the BC market in early 2023. Due to regional regulations, we weren't able to offer their disposables until this summer when they launched an 800 puff Flavour Beast Fury in 16 flavours. 

Flavour Beast Pods are the biggest s-compatible competitor for ALLO and the original STLTH pens. Their flavours are punchy, feature many iced options and several savory delight flavours, often overlooked in the disposable and pre-filled markets. 

Flavour Beast Salts pull from top sellers across Flavour Beasts multiple product lines. The original 13 flavours are only available in 20mg however the 5 flavours added in September 2023 are offered in both 10mg and 20mg. 

While ALLO, Gcore and Flavour Beast are the leading brands to branch across disposables, closed pods and eliquids, we expect to see more vape companies follow suite. VUSE and STLTH both offer disposables and proprietary pods (STLTH being the S in S-Compatible) while eliquids brands like Rope Cut and Premium Labs have partnered with other manufactures to make their flavours available in pods. Just this week we learned that ELFBAR, who is dominating the disposable market in Canada, is releasing an eliquid line. 

Refillable systems remain the most cost effective and customizable option. More significantly, refillable systems create less garbage. They require less packaging and their batteries have longer life spans and can be more easily recycled. To date, only ALLO and VUSE offer recycling of their disposable vapes. 

Transitioning to a re-fillable vape is an easy process that we are happy to help customers with and being able to continue to enjoy the flavours you've enjoyed in pods and disposables make the process even easier.