Massive Price Drops On These Top Selling 60ml E-Liquids! March 04 2019

We are excited to let you know that we've just lowered the price on many of our top selling e-liquids. Yes, our costs on several of your favourite brands have lowered and we are sharing the savings with you! 

Kilo Sours (Was: $30.00, Now: $25) - Straight forward candied fruits available in regular and menthol!

Graham Slam (Was: $30.00, Now: $25) - A sweet and rich graham cracker, milk and a touch of marshmallow!

Chill (Was: $30, Now: $25) - These bright and refreshing fruit blends are perfect for an all day flavour!

Crush, Pineapple Whip (Was: $30, Now: $25) - Slightly creamy, very tropical, like a vacation for your mouth!

Naked100 (Was: $30, Now: $25) - Naked100 has many flavours including Creams, Menthols, Fruit and Tobacco means there is something for everyone!

KOI (Was: $30, Now: $25) - A unique twist on some traditional Japanese flavour combinations!

SMAX (Was: $30, Now: $25) - High VG liquids with a balanced mix of both fruit flavours and desserts!

Nasty X KILO (Was: $35, Now: $25) - Two powerhouses in the E-Liquid world joined forces to make flavours unlike anyone elses!

The Hype (Was: $35, Now: $30) - Perfect for that nagging sweet tooth. These are classic carnival and summer dessert flavours!

Grandma's Treats (Was: $32, Now: $27) - Rich vanilla with a touch of cream and pastry!

USA Vape Lab (Was: $30, Now: $25) - Perfect for the menthol lover, a collection of fruit and mint flavours!

Velvet Cloud (Was: $23, Now: $21) - Organic, Kosher and delicious!

KILO Black & White Series (Was: $32, Now: $25) - Sweet and savoury dessert flavours that are perfect after dinner... or all day long!

Flavour Crafters (Was: $20, Now: $17) - Low strength, simple flavours for all your favourite mini devices!