Non-Compliant Clearance E-Liquids August 05 2020

New provincial regulations are in place but we are able to continue selling non-compliant stock until September 15, 2020. Under the new regulations, e-liquids can not contain more than 20mg of nicotine and must be sold in 30ml or smaller bottles with plain packaging. Nicotine free liquids have been banned as well. As a result, CLEARANCE pricing may be different dpending 

  • Mr Salt-e (25mg and 45mg)
  • Dr Fog M Series 
  • Premium Labs Salts (35mg and 50mg)
  • Blind Pig
  • Pi by Premium Labs

Mr Salt-e

Made in Ontario by The Picky Vaper, Mr Salt-e has developed a devout following of customers in BC. Known for their rich and complex flavours, Mr Salt-e will be missed. At present their manufacturing can't accommodate the new label regulations, and their nicotine levels are too high for the BC market with only one option below the new legal limit. SEE FLAVOURS

Premium Labs Salts 

We will continue to offer Premium Labs salt nicotine liquids but in few nicotine levels. As a result, all 35mg and 50mg liquids from this popular local e-juice maker will be discounted until they sell out. Yes, that includes the top selling SuperNova (vanilla, cream, caramel)! SEE FLAVOURS

Dr Fog M Series


Know for bold fruit menthol blends, M Series recently added 2 new flavours - a strawberry menthol and a sweet blueberry menthol. As a result we have a larger than usual stock of these fantastic local liquids. Before we bring them back as the 30ml compliant e-juices, we need to clear these larger 60ml bottles out. Take advantage of our over ordering and discover new favorites. SEE FLAVOURS

Jam Monster

Jam Monster has graced our selves since, well I don't even recall how long it's been but I want to say 2017, if not earlier. We will be sad to say fair well to these classic breakfast favourties. They entered the market as 120ml bottles then had a resurgence in popularity when they expanded to 60ml offerings. Alas, 30ml must be to small for these toasty monsters. SEE FLAVOURS

The Blind Pig

Named for the mason jars used in prohibition era bars, there is a poetic irony that this line is included in the first wave of our compliance clearance. It is not yet determined if the last remaining flavour from The Blind Pig will be returning. 


Strawberry Rhubarb is the flavour that launched the line and it was an instant hit. We aren't saying good bye just yet, but they will be returning to their original 30ml bottles, but this time in plastic not glass. SEE FLAVOURS