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Premium Labs discontinued Ultra FOG and River City Vapes

Ultra Fog vs Dr. Fog

As most of those loyal to Premium Labs flavours know by now, the maker of Dr Fog and Decoded is no longer in business. The collapse of the company left a gap in the e-liquid selections, especially for our vanilla fans. Earlier this spring, we expanded the Vital line to include more savory flavours and introduced River City Vapes with a focus on their more decadent eJuices (Dunkies was an immediate hit and good alternate for Paris Fog). In July rumors of a Dr. Fog clone began circulating. While we've never been proponents of knock of flavours or copy cat lines, an exception for these needed to be made! Firstly, the original line was gone, and secondly these are flavours we and our customers love -  some even originally made by our request.

While Ultra Fog strives for 100% to the original flavors, not all the Dr Fog and Decoded flavours that we carried have been reproduced. We hope the list below will help you discover some new favorites. 

Have you have found a new favorite vanilla or savory? If so, please let us know. We are always looking to expand our offerings and welcome your feedback! 

Supernova - Dr. Fog Famous Scream

Vanilla, cream, caramel

London Fog - Dr. Fog's World's Best

Earl Grey tea, Vanilla, cream, hazelnut

Paris Fog - Dr. Fog's World's Best

Vanilla, cream, crumble

C.B. - Dr. Fog 

Vanilla, caramel

Da Vinci - Decoded

Vanilla, caramel, rich cream

LCH NS - Decoded

Peach, yogurt, cream

Bigger Foot - Decoded

Deep fried, cinnamon 

Atlantis - Decoded 

Pineapple, Blueberry, Guava

Pound - Currency

Mocha, Vanilla, waffer

Bravo - Dr. Fog M Series

Grape, menthol

  • Grape, Fizzy
  • Grape, Chill
  • Grape, Lemon Drop Ice 

Delta - Dr. Fog M Series

Minty menthol


RBF - Dr. Fog Drinks

Root Beer, vanilla, cream

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Established in 2014

Celebrating 10 Years!

Celebrating 10 Years!

Thunderbird Vapes opened in November 2014 becoming Vancouver's 5th vape shop! From box mods and drippers to disposables and pod systems, over the last decade there have been major changes in the vape industry. We are proud to continue advocating for your right to flavoured smoke free tobacco options!

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