Uwell Caliburn Kits - 3 Generations September 28 2021

The Caliburn has been our go-to pen style starter kit for the last 3 years, let look at how Uwell has evolved the product line over the three pod generations. 


Caliburn & Koko

Released Spring 2019
2ml pods
1.4ohm (caliburn) and 1.0 (koko) pods
micro USB 

Uwell's original Caliburn Pod Kit was a game changer for the vape industry. Salt nicotine liquids were growing in popularity but the majority of vape kits coming out were  still focused on the Freebase. Kits like the Aspire Breeze offered coils for either salts or traditional liquids but was still much larger than pre-filled pod systems like Juul and STLTH. While the Caliburn wasn't the first open pods vape with built in coils, it was far better than its competitors. The original Caliburn quickly became a vape shop favorite for staff and customers. Its pods were designed for MTL (mouth to lung) inhales and consistently provided satisfying and flavourful draws. 

As the Caliburn gained popularity, Uwell launched the Koko. The Koko and Caliburn pods were interchangeable and the devices specs were near identical. The Koko featured a thin box shape instead of the slim pen-like styling of the Caliburn. 

As popular as the Caliburn was, it disappeared from the Canadian market in the spring of 2021 as it did not meet new CRC (Child Resistant Container) regulations. 

Caliburn G & Koko Prime

Released Fall 2020
1.6ml pods
0.8ohm, 1.0ohm

The Caliburn G, which came out late in 2020, quickly took the place of the original Caliburn. It too had a small box version, the Koko Prime which came in a range of bright colour and was later joined by the Translucent edition. While the Caliburn G pods were a little smaller and didn't last quite as long, the larger battery capacity and fast changing type-c port offset any shortcomings. 

The Caliburn G featured an elegant finish and rich colour options while the Koko Prime sported playful and vibrant pop elements. In particular the Rose Brown Caliburn G was an in-house favorite at Thunderbird Vapes. 

VIEW Caliburn G Pod Kit

VIEW Koko Prime Translucent 


Caliburn A2 and AK2 Pod Kits

Released Fall 2021
2ml pods

September 2021 brings the newest Caliburn to Canada - the Caliburn A2. While we haven't seen the AK2 just yet, it will surely follow in the coming weeks as earlier Koko's did (ETA October 28, 2021). Both the Caliburn A2 and AK2 feature a window, so that you can easily see the liquid level. Much like the earlier version, the pod can be filled without removing it from the device. The new A2 pod is only available in one resistance but has a maximum capacity of 2ml. 

The lower battery capacity makes for a slightly slimmer design to the Caliburn A2 and shouldn't be too noticeable on performance. Why is that? We,ll the 0.9ohm is drawing a max of 15w, down from the 18w of the Caliburn G and still makes use of a Type-C port for fast charging. 

 VIEW Caliburn A2 and the AK2

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