USA Vape Lab Menthol September 21 2017

70%VG / 30%PG
Made in California, USA

This delicious line features a cool exhale to bring out the fresh and delicious fruit flavors each bottle has to provide! Try it out for yourself today and see why the creators of Naked100 are number one.

Strawberry Watermelon takes mouth-wateringly ripe watermelon slices, juicy and sweet strawberries and adds our signature menthol coolness, resulting in a deliciously refreshing all day vape.

Honeydew Melon presents ripe honeydew melon slices blasted with ice cold menthol that features a cool fruity inhale and a smooth refreshing exhale.

Arctic Blizzard will blast your tastebuds with an ultra refreshing storm of super cool mint and extra cold menthol. Perfect for menthol lovers by itself and excellent with other flavors, Arctic Blizzard will instantly become your new menthol go to.