Vaporesso Xros Product Recall - leaking pods December 21 2020

Thank you to the customers who brought leaking XROS pods to our attention, because of your feedback we were able to advocate for a product recall and are happy to report that Vaporesso is rectifying the situation. 


December 21, 2020 we were notified that Vaporesso had issued a product recall on select XROS Kits and Xros Replacement Pods. The recalled pods are the ones with the metal cylinder in the fill port. If you have experienced leaking pods, please contact the store you purchased them from. Do not throw out leaking pods. Unfortunately we are only able to replace pods if you still have the faulty ones (used or unused ones) or a sales receipt listing XROS pods between November 6 and December 21, 2020. If you purchased leaking pods from us and do not have a copy of the receipt or pods, contact Stacey at with the date and transaction total (i.e. from your debit or credit card statement). We will do our best to assist you through the Vaporesso recall process.

We have removed all recalled items from our inventory as of December 21, 2020. Any items currently listed on our website or sold after this date are not part of the product recall. 


"To comply with incoming CRC regulations, Vaporesso has created a CRC version of the XROS Pod System fitted with the Press-to-Fill (PTF) functionality and was released to the Canadian market in November 2020. The function is designed to prevent the exposure of e-liquid when filling the pod system, PTF ensures the e-liquid remains sealed inside; preventing children or youth from accidentally coming in contact with the e-liquid.

"After the product was launched in Canada at the beginning of November, we soon received feedback from users and distributors alerting us to the leakage issue. From there, we launched an immediate investigation and were quickly able to confirm the reports of product fault. We found that the individual raw materials of the first batch had quality risks from our supplier; after injecting e-liquid, the rubber seal parts would sometimes not bounce back, causing e-liquid to leak from the system. The pod defect has affected some XROS device kit and pod packs that were sold in the month of November."

PLEASE NOTE: Thunderbird Vapes is a retail store in Vancouver BC. We are a vendor of Vaporesso products but are not their distributor. If you purchased faulty pods outside of the recall window from another vendor, please contact them directly. As of February 2021 we finalized our recalled products.